Friday Links (23-Nov-12)

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  • Zinnia Jones on talking about Hormone Replacement Therapy in a world that’s both sexist and clueless about what people go through.
  • How the Catholic League (headed by world-class asshole Bill Donohue) is essentially a large-scale, highly-driven organisation whose aim is to suppress criticism of the Catholic Church
  • Stephanie Coontz on the myth of male decline.
  • BioLogos (the organisation dedicated to showing the alleged compatibility between evolutiona nd Christianity) sinks further into theological nonsense. Here is one biblical attribute of God they think can be deriver from evolution: “God is patient, and most often works gradually rather than instantaneously. In the natural world, we see God creating life over billions of years, not instantly, and grand geological processes playing out slowly over time, as well. Similarly, in the Bible we read of the centuries that passed between God’s covenant with Abraham and his covenant with David and the centuries more before Jesus appeared “in the fullness of time” (Galatians 4:4). In individual lives, God often works by planting his Word deep in us and letting it grow slowly over time. God seems pleased with the slow but extraordinary unfolding of his universe, just as he is patiently unfolding his plan of redemption.” I feel like I need to wash my eyes out after looking at that.
  • Texas in Africa looks at the complexity of the situation of child soldiers in the DRC.
  • William Lane Craig on being “the apologist who defends genocide“. He’s very skillful at weaselling out of things but the intractable moral abyss into which his beliefs have sunk him is as clear as day.
  • Who’s to blame for a US Brigadier General being charged with rape? Women!
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