Friday Links (11-May-12)

  • Amazing stunt biking at an abandoned industrial site.
  • Research shows that for certain highways raising the speed limit will reduce the accident rate. Meaning the police department has gone and implemented these right away. Nah, just kidding, they’re still sticking with more dangerous (lower) speed limit and using it to raise revenue.
  • Measure of Doubt discusses the Wikipedia game where all roads lead to philosophy. Original game was proposed by Randall Monroe in this XKCD comic
  • Ed Brayton writes THE definitive post debunking myths and misinformation about how “sharia law is coming to take over the US” from a hardcore secularist perspective.
  • Natalie Reed is awesome! Since moving to FreeThoughtBlogs, she has made a treasure-trove of posts regarding the intersection of science, skepticism, atheism and transgender issues all in just the first month of 2012. (Yes I know these links posts are very backed up thanks to my travels.) Most recommended posts are on ‘feminist dogma‘, her tales of secular addiction recovery and passability and the toupee fallacy.

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