Your Hands Are Full of Blood

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Kellogg plainfactsI turned the hot knob down
And shivered from the cold
The daily shower is
A ritual I hold

I fastened on my belt
And tied my pants up tight
I cursed my sinful ways
That daily do I fight

For each time I engage
In this vile, heinous sin
The Big Man shoots a pup
And puts it in a bin

And then of course there is
The roasting in the fire
Which I aim to avoid
Through harnessing desire

Which I siezed by the reigns
For my soul has=th free will!
But that’s not all I siezed
And hence I felt a spill

The warmth spread all around
Like I had wet the bed
With an uncanny speed
My clothes I went to shed

I soaked them through and through
To hide th’ungodly shame
And cleanse my evil acts
That make my spirit lame

I shed a tear to Him
I shall not be a bane!
From wickedness I will
Forevermore refrain

It matters not that I
Had promised such before
He’s merciful, He’s kind,
He’ll never slam his door

And knowing that I’ve been
Forgiven, down I lay
On my bed with this thought:
“Tomorrow’s one more day!”

If you’re not sure how the title relates, it’s Isaiah 1:15, ironically considered by rabbinic Judaism to refer to this very topic as opposed to actual injustice (more info).