The Tale of the Pastor and the Potato

Est Reading Time: 1 min

[Inspired by a story that went viral in Mar 2012]

I put my sermon down
The time came for a break
I needed a respite
To give my mind a shake
In order to return
To preaching about Christ
My batteries recharged
And mind with new-born feist

I had some fine new blinds
To put up in that time
I took them in my hand
I got a chair to climb
The day was mighty hot
To cope with this I chose
To cool my body down
By taking off my clothes

So here I was that day
Stretched out upon my chair
I reached for many hooks
I took the utmost care
And yet I’m an old man
My balance somewhat frail
And so I tumbled down
Dismayed at my dumb fail

Alas, things turned much worse
For I had left a spud
Exposed and in plain view
I landed with a thud
And since I did fall back
-I know it sounds a farce!-
The impact caused the thing
To be lodged in my arse

But that was not the end
To my great day of stress
For I had to engage
The help of NHS
And when I did recount
My story to the nurse
The day that I was born
I mightily did curse