From Time to Time

Est Reading Time: 2 min

Inspired by a True StoryTM of a certain playwright calling in to a certain reactionary talkback radio station.

“What happened to a woman’s voice?”
The caller said unto the host,
“Your airwaves are chock full of men
In this you’re even worse than most!”

“Well sure, we have male hosts all week
But still, out with your commie slime
For we already do our bit —
We’ve women on from time to time!”

I think that gays have too much rights
All they have done is moaned and whined
But that’s ok — a gay man does
My hair when I am so inclined

Whites are the biggest victims here
And I detest the race card song
But I’m no racist — oftentimes,
I have a meal with my mate Wong

The so-called “trans” engage in fraud
Pretending they are what they’re not
But I’m no bigot — in Bangkok
With one I shared a vodka shot

The refos come to take our jobs
I want to stop them all, but I’m
Not incompassionate — I eat
Exotic foods from time to time!

We spend too much on foreign aid
For taxes’ sake, let’s end the waste!
But I’m allright — because I once
Gave money to a bum in haste

I point out ‘sluts’ twelve times a day
I think that ‘chicks’ just want men’s dimes
But I am no misogynist —
I like some girls at certain times
Women are vicious, mean and lame
Their thoughts more trifling than sublime
But don’t you dare insult my show —
I’ve women on from time to time!”