Friday Links (21-Sep-12)

Est Reading Time: 1 min
  • Transphobic asshole: isn’t “giving” gender reassignment surgery to people the equivalent of “giving a paranoid schizophrenic who thinks he’s Napoleon a bicorn hat and a saber”? Zinnia Jones responds
  • There’s a particularly bad job that Google hires contractors for: watching videos that are the worst of the worst (child porn, beheadings, torture etc) to flag them for YouTube and other Google properties. A job with considerable mental health hazards and not much support from Google.
  • ScienceBasedMedicine does an excellent introductory post on the prior plausibility of medical treatments and how it should affect our interpretation of a study. TL/DR: it would take some very very very very very very sweeping results from studies in order to suggest that something like homeopathy works.
  • Interview With a Lapsed Christian Virgin: how an ordinary USian manages the tension (or cognitive dissonance if we want to be uncharitable) between her sexuality and her Christianity.
  • 12 great reviews of a pen made just for women
  • Stephanie Zvan highlights yet another way in which the school of positive thinking does significant damage to people who are trying to recover from illness. For context, here’s my old post on this
  • Kant on Killing Bastards, on Masturbation, on Wives and Servants, on Organ Donation, Homosexuality, and Tyrants: excellent philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel dissects Kant and questions his gravitas in the history of ethics.