Dear stranger

Est Reading Time: 2 min

Dear stranger or acquaintance
I have a thing to ask
It’s not a great big burden
It’s just an easy task
But I would like to like you
And that could well require
Not knowing your opinion
On topics of some ire

Your thoughts on Chelsea Manning
Are brilliant, I’m sure
You wade through such tough topics
With logic bright and pure
But if you share that logic
With me then I will frown
And then my thoughts about you
Can go nowhere but down

So please please please don’t tell me
About Manning’s name change
Don’t ask don’t tell works fine here!
I know how these thoughts range
Right know your bigot status
Is like Schrodinger’s cat
I don’t want that box opened
Wave functions going splat

I know I’m being an ostrich
I know that I should learn
But if my bigot counter
Goes up once more, ‘twill burn
And so let me go on with
Believing some don’t suck
By keeping to yourself your
Opinion that’s fucked

And please please please don’t tell me
It’s not your time to shine
Exposing your solution
To Israel-Palestine
I know you’ll solve the crisis
Completely end the mess
I know you saw a doco
But zip it nonetheless

And please please please don’t tell me
Your tips preventing rape,
What really causes cancer,
How one should stay in shape,
The ease some get offended,
Your thoughts on foreign aid,
And refugees and feminism
And banks, Iran and suede

For if the mean opinion
Is that stupid and cruel
Then I’m on 50-50
You’re even more a tool!