Blog break

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[CN: That existential dread that now haunts us all].

So it has come to this: a post about writer’s block.

I’ve been quiet and some of that has been general life stuff. But mostly it’s because I genuinely don’t know what to write about right now. It’s not lack of ideas but the relentless, breakneck apparent pace of the world. It feels like there’s a million things going on, mostly terrible things. For each thing there’s a worse thing out there. Even nuclear war probably doesn’t rate as an impactful enough topic these days.

Adam Lee expresses it much better than I do in a post from this week that I recommend. For me it’s not just the hopelessness, although there’s that. The existentialism of it all has really gotten to me lately. My last post was about a famine that has only intensified. How do you follow that up when our current lack response (and deliberate escalation) could well rate up there with the lack of intervention during the many genocides of the 20th century? What can I post after that wouldn’t feel meaningless?

I do still want to keep writing and I will — but this break might last a bit longer.

A common misconception those who casually see news about Baptist Church tend to have is that WBC is trying to “convince”/”convert” all of those who they disagree with to their worldview. That’s not their theology at all – they’re more of a predestination crowd. They think that those outside their church are damned but they don’t consider that a bad thing or something to change. They’re happy about it because they consider it God’s will, and they just want to proclaim it. I’m lately feeling more and more like them. Not because of the homophobia or hatefulness (I hope) but I’m getting more and more convinced that everything is damned, I can’t do anything about it, I can’t convince anyone but at least one thing I might have is some smugness in proclaiming it – as the world smoulders.

In the meantime if you’ve been reading this blog I might ask for a hand – if there’s anything you’d like to see covered let me know by email or Facebook. Or if you have any personal tips on beating th’news-doldrums.