The Argument from Game Design

A quickie today. In the latest episode of the grand and fantabulous Atheist Experience, Russell and Jeff dissect the Argument from Game Design, as proposed on a forum of Christian gamers. It does something like this:

If you design a computer game, the only objective purpose/meaning to the game is the one that you designed it for
In general, the only valid purpose/meaning to an object is the one for which it was designed
THEREFORE this atheist talk about finding your own purpose in life is bull. If there is a God, the only “real” purpose to life is the one He designed it for.

This is a rarity — an actually new theistic argument. The hosts listed many arguments against this but I agree with it wholeheartedly. Of course the only real purpose for something is the one it was designed for! I mean…

And so forth. If you have any others, suggest away in the comments!


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