Friday Links (7-Sep-12)

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  • Amusing: if Shakespeare wrote Javascript
  • A sobering look at the recent Pussy Riot verdict: in addition to the 3 members who got several years, another man is facing a much longer prison term but is not being covered by international media.
  • The ultimate Streisand effect: in the Netherlands, most people still get printed phonebooks despite not being too interested. When someone set up a website to make it easier for people to opt out, the phonebook company threatened to sue because of alleged trademark breach (the domain name was something like “opt out of XYZ-Phonebook”). Now thanks to the blowback, some parliamentarians are considering a move to make phonebook distribution opt-in, which is likely to completely destroy the phonebook company’s customer base.
  • This is the most awesome thing in the universe: a formula that when graphed on the Cartesian plane contains a picture of the formula itself. This happens because (I believe) it graphs all possible bitmaps of a certain width and a finite height, which is just as awesome if not more.
  • NSW Police Comissioner Andrew Scipione should be fired. Here he is in a news story blaming violent video games for the recent upturn in Sydney violence (especially stabbings). Conveniently, the margins of the online newspaper were too small to contain the scholarly references, or any actual evidence other than him spouting off. As subsequent stories have highlighted.
  • Matt Dillahunty gives one of the best responses yet to the misogyny and abuse that’s been going on in the online atheist/skeptic community for the past year.
  • Hilarious: apparently the KKK has an application form to join. The questions are fairly standard until you get to “do you believe all men are created equal?”.
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