Friday Links (6-May-11)

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  • Great bit from Radley Balko about how in the end, Osama won
  • You might remember Dr Steve Novella from Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, Science Based Medicine, the New England Skeptical Society and more! But here he is in the much-fanfared segment on the show of alt-medicine promoting Dr Oz — and doing a great job
  • Speaking of alt-med in the mainstream media, Today Tonight (an Australian daily current affairs show known for very tabloid, sensationalist and moral panic style journalism) has actually done a great story on homeopathy, with the aid of Ian Musgrave and Richard Saunders
  • In case you missed this, some Amazon sellers had bidding algorithms that priced books based on competitors and due to an ill-programmed arms race New bill just approved in Tennessee: “No public elementary or middle school shall provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.”
  • Police medic wields magic wellness stick
  • How “free” makes our minds go just a little mental
  • A while ago, XKCD had a comic about tetris hell (which I posted about here). Now there’s a tetris heaven, where you get a block that magically clears all your rows. Predictably, an actual Flash game of tetris heaven has been made so give it a play
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