Friday Links (29-Jun-12)

  • Amazing technology that analyses small changes in a camera’s input to render a real-time video with certain exaggerated features. For instance, you can watch someone’s bloodflow along their veins through their skin in realtime just from the tiny changes in vein pigmentation. Should have great applications for diagnostics, security, search and rescue and so on.
  • A rare insight into Kowloon’s old Walled City, which at the time was the most densely populated, unregulated, shanty, Triad-ridden apartment block complex in the world.
  • Hilariously inept and patronising ad by the European Commission trying to encourage women to pursue careers in science. “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” was pulled down very soon after release because of protest (link is to a mirror video). It’s funny every time you rewatch it and all that’s missing is a pillowfight.
  • How mainstream Israeli politicians sparked the recent Tel Aviv race riots
  • More asset forfeiture madness: this time a police station demands cash to bail people out, then siezes said cash when it’s brought to the station.
  • Cosmo’s 44 most ridiculous sex tips. They had a lot to pick from!
  • If Tetris was a stupid blockbuster

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