Friday Links (25-May-12)

  • Cancerland is a long but important essay by Barbara Ehrenreich from 2001 about the breast cancer industry and the problems with the narratives of personal empowerment/”heroism”, new-age spirituality and positive thinking that surround breast cancer. As opposed to a more systemic+societal look at (for instance) environmental and lifestyle contributors to the increasing prevalence of the disease. Be aware that she touches on some anti-medicine conspiracy theories but the main criticism of the bullying nature of positive thinking is still spot on.
  • Infinite copyright: a modest proposal.
  • The always-insightful Natalie Reed on ‘diversity hires’. Money quote: “I hate when people play the playing the card card.”
  • In case you missed this church scandal in Russia: (1) Chief patriarch appears in photo wearing a $30,000 watch (2) After mockery, church photoshops the watch out of the photo and calls those mocking it liars (3) Alas for them their tampering is incompetent as they forget to photoshop out the reflection of the watch on the table
  • The facial expressions of a Russian male. Hilarious and 1000% accurate.
  • Integrative fire fighting.
  • The perils of being a luddite.

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