Friday Links (24-Aug-12)

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  • From the annals of stupidity: Nook ereader does an auto-replace in some books of “Kindle” with “Nook”. The result: a charming passage in War and Peace about how the soldiers had nookd their fires
  • Another Onion classic: power grid restored in India meaning 300 million people can finally go back to the status quo — not having power in the first place.
  • In case you missed it, a fascinating thread on Reddit where rapists speak out about “their version” of their crimes. If you’re not triggered by these, I think reading a few is a very valuable exercise in understanding the extent, mindset and brutality of rape — especially in terms of understanding emotionally what you might know factually through “mere” statistics. Condensed summary on this Jezebel post
  • The Catholic natural law argument against contraception explained in an accessible lay blog post. Again, particularly valuable in seeing just how fractally wrong the whole idea of natural law is. Natural law has a kind of intellectual and academic credibility that’s not deserved at all.
  • Greta Christina on the catch 22 of discrimination
  • Two good responses that came out almost at the same time to a New York Times opinion piece that we should stop teaching algebra because it’s too hard and supposedly leads to people dropping out in record numbers (but without any actual records, or evidence).
  • Twitter smackdown of the decade. Liz Cheney: “Best Bday cake ever – dropped by our 8 yr old on laundry room floor. Nothing beats upside down cake delivered w/love.”. Larry Nocella: “@Liz_Cheney I can think of one thing that beats upside down cake delivered w/love: not losing a child in your dad’s bogus Iraq war”.
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