Friday Links (2-Nov-12)

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  • Sarah Silverman’s awesome video about recent changes to voter ID laws. If you can use your gun license to vote but not a veterans card, why not give people gun licenses to overcome these laws?
  • What happens when Obama supporters are told about some of his policies (the same ones I discussed here) but these are passed off as Romney policies?
  • Reasonable Doubts do a nice podcast on the Moonies, cults and some of the problems with the way we talk about cults.
  • A study shows gender bias against female students. The study tracked parallel applications that differed only in the perceived gender of the name. Female reviewers of students were not significantly better than their male counterparts.
  • A stunning video of Muslim academics and scholars giving their opinions on the ethics of stoning women for adultery, female genital mutilation, the reasons not to eat pork (it makes you gay?) and so on. And even if these loons represented the opinions of 1% of Muslims (a gross underestimate), it would still be atrocious.
  • Ian Cromwell posts on a study that shows the difference between explicit and implicit racial attitudes. (The post is part of a series.)
  • Carl Zimmer on why humans have 1 less chromosome than our closest ape ancestors. Also Carl Zimmer on what happens when you try to ask creationists for evidence of their claims (that this chromosome fusion was unlikely). Hint: they don’t take kindly to his folk asking questions. A saga in four parts: Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4
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