Friday Links (17-Feb-12)

  • The best piece I’ve seen about what’s wrong with Google+’s “real name” policy.
  • A comic explaining chiropractic and the fallacies behind it. The author has several other very good skeptical comics on his website.
  • Another whopper from the past: “Washington Times family columnist, Rebecca Hagelin, received a standing ovation for her keynote address, which argued maintaining heterosexual-only marriage was ‘the critical issue of our lifetime’.” [Source]
  • Awesome response by Mozilla to a Department of Justice demand that they disable a plugin.
  • Usually parodies of major figures of the left are lame due to being made by conservatives who are so far from the views they’re mocking that the humour is dumb. By left I mean the actual left as opposed to the currently common view that Obama is some Marxist. Anyway, this comedy desert makes this parody of Chomsky and Zinn by McSweeney’s even funnier in comparison.

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