Friday Links (15-Jun-12)

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  • Great example of non-obvious sex-negativity both from the media and the public. A news story in an Australian tabloid has the headline of “Compo payout for woman injured during sex on work trip” — thus baiting people to issue knee-jerk reactions to the effect of “it’s political correctness gone mad” and “you can sue anyone for anything these days”. If you actually read the story, I hope you’ll find the ruling completely reasonable and non-controversial.
  • This website is more of a sore on the mind and the eyes than the infamous Time Cube! Hard to believe but it’s true.
  • Amanda Marcotte has yet another insightful piece, this time about how the framing of obesity in terms of ‘self discipline’ is wrong, callous, inaccurate and unhelpful.
  • Natalie Reed on “the incredible degree of privilege and entitlement that often underlies the ‘natural medicine’, ‘alternative medicine’, ‘non-allopathic’, anti-‘Big Pharma’ attitude”. Executive summary: “It’s really easy to talk about ‘natural medicine’ and criticize pharmaceuticals when your life and identity aren’t dependent on your medicine actually working”.
  • If you want to be entertained by some really extreme wingnuttery, meet Lionel Milgrom, the quantum homeopath. Here’s Orac on Milgrom (Orac’s blog has several other posts on him if you search). From Milgrom’s paper:

    Introduction: Within the developing theoretical context of quantum macroentanglement, a mathematical model of the Vital Force (Vf) has recently been formulated. It describes the Vf in terms of a hypothetical gyroscope with quantized angular momentum. This enables the Vf’s state of health to be represented in terms of a “wave function” derived solely from secondary symptom observables produced in response to disease or homeopathic remedies. So far, this approach has illustrated the biphasal action of remedies, resonance phenomena arising out of homeopathic provings, and aspects of the therapeutic encounter.
    Method: In this paper, the effects of a therapeutic remedy and disease states on the gyroscopic angular momentum characteristics of the Vf were investigated by mathematical manipulation the Vf “wave function.”
    Results: The formulation of the Vf in terms of a quantized gyroscope permits disease to be represented as a braking “torque” decreasing the Vf’s angular momentum, causing it to “precess” (i.e., express symptoms). The therapeutic remedy, however, provides an accelerating “torque,” increasing the Vf’s angular momentum and decreasing precession (i.e., reducing symptom expression).
    Conclusions: According to this model, symptom expression corresponds to precession of the Vf “gyroscope.” Conversely, complete removal of symptoms is equivalent to cessation of Vf “precession.” However, if overprescribed or given in unsuitable potency, the curative remedy (which may also be formulated as a wave function but this time derived solely from changes in Vf secondary symptom observables) may cause the Vf to express proving symptoms. Thus, with only observation of symptoms and changes in them to indicate, indirectly, the state of a patient’s Vf, the safest treatment strategy might be for the practitioner to proceed via gradual removal of the symptoms. This is congruent with Hahnemann’s later development and use of the LM potencies, as described in his final 6th edition of The Organon.

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