Friday Links (14-Sep-12)

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  • Russell Glasser on how not to build inclusive communities. Summary: by not excluding certain people (in this case, those who want to flash their dicks around), you are effectively excluding a very large population — anything is is just Ayn Randian nonsense about level playing fields.
  • Two good posts by Orac on alternative medicine as religion.
  • For those outside Australia, we’ve been having a “debate” about refugees that come by boat without applying first. After some political acrobatics the refugees lost. Here is an amazingly frank op-ed published in the Sydney Morning Herald by a Hazara refugee currently in Indonesia on why he intends on coming to Australia regardless and why this is the just thing: Leaving is better than staying to face death
  • A 10 min lightsaber fight scene made by Star Wars fans that wipes the floor with any actual Star Wars duels in terms of inventiveness: Ryan vs Dorkman 2
  • Violet Blue on the hysteria that caused a mob to shut down a legitimate ebook-sharing website because they thought their works were being pirated.
  • My favourite TED-talker Hans Rosling has another great one on childbirth, population growth and religion. Summary: we have reached Peak Child, the world will inevitably reach 10 billion but will likely peak, religion (especially Christianity vs Islam) has very little to do with it.
  • A good episode of Rationally Speaking on Freudian psychoanalysis as pseudoscience. I encourage you to listen even if you have an opinion on this as it’ll be worth it. Spoiler: Freud’s arguments were sometimes even more ridiculous than you might think based on caricatures you’ve seen!
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