Friday Links (12-Aug-11)

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  • Vilnius mayor takes on illegally-parked cars with a tank
  • I often see people claim that popular atheist blogs (or “new atheism” in general) is devoid of substantive content. Many of those claims come from atheists and Pharyngula is often the prime example due to its uberpopularity and PZ’s style of writing. I think that’s all nonsense so I was very pleased to find this post about the two types of god called on by religious believers. I think it’s perfectly sufficient as a reply to the “sophisticated philosophy” the handwringers are into. And since the handwringers appear to be into qualifications, I have a Grad Diploma in the History and Philosophy of Science which obviously makes this whole remark carry so much more weight!
  • The economics of Somali piracy
  • Luddite alarmism at its worst from the evidence-free queen of “the internetz are CHANGING our brains!!1!” Baronness Greenfield herself. “I point to the increase in autism and I point to internet use. That’s all.” Carl Zimmer has started a Twitter meme on this. An example: “I point to Alzheimer’s and I point to cheese doodles. That’s all.”
  • SMBC’s take on optical illusions
  • I’m shocked, SHOCKED that the Westboro Baptist Church is also antisemitic!
  • Are chess players getting better over time?
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