Friday Links (10-Aug-12)

  • A particularly spectacular bit of the world I’ve just seen for the first time Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
  • Via Jerry Coyne, an unintentionally accurate German ad for the Quran
  • Natalie Reed on trigger warnings, their philosophy, use, misuse and abuse.
  • What’s it like to be an Orthodox Jewish teenager trying to date another Orthodox teenager?
  • It’s not just cranks who have an interpretation of quantum mechanics that suggests the answer is “consciousness!” and “God!”. But I was particularly sad to see this peddled by a professor of physics to defend his faith. Details and a smackdown by Sean Carroll here.
  • Good post about how geek culture is now so mainstream that it’s ridiculous that so many people in it continue to hold up the idea of being a persecuted outsider as a core aspect of their cultural identity.
  • Why are you closed-minded people so hostile to my Christian arguments about the evils of homosexuality? Why must you persecute me for daring to voice a politically incorrect opinion? Why can’t we have free speech, what are you so afraid of? The marvellous Zinnia Jones deals this this line of “argument”.

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